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High Speed Automatic Carton Box Making Machine Printing Slotting Die-Cutter 220 Pcs/Min

Categories Carton Box Making Machine
Brand Name: XINTIAN
Model Number: XT-G
Certification: CE,ISO
Place of Origin: HeBei Province,China
MOQ: 1 set
Price: Negotiable
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 2 Set / Month
Delivery Time: 30-90days
Packaging Details: Cartons,Film,in steel pallet
Name: High-speed printing slotting die-cutter
Max.speed: 220 pcs/min
Max.paper size: 1270mm×3000mm
Max.printing size: 1200mm×2800mm
Min. finish size: 320mm×640mm
Topping precision: 4 colors ±0.5mm
Slotting precision: ±1.5mm
Max.slotting depth: 300mm
Application: Box Making Machines
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High Speed Automatic Carton Box Making Machine Printing Slotting Die-Cutter 220 Pcs/Min

XT-G High-Speed Printing Slotting Die-cutter

1Inboard width sizemm3000340030003400
2Max. paper sizemm1270×26001270×30001470×26001470×3000
3Max. printing sizemm1200×24001200×28001400×24001400×2800
4Skip feeding sizemm1450×24001450×28001650×24001650×2800
5Min. finish sizemm320×640320×640380×720380×720
6Thickness of printing platemm7.
7Complete machine baffle thicknessmm70707070
9Economic speedPcs/min180180160160
10Topping precisionmm4 Colors±0.54 Colors±0.54 Colors±0.54 Colors±0.5
11Slotting precisionmm±1.5±1.5±1.5±1.5
12Max.slotting depthmm300300350350
13Min. slotting intervalmm

Clock wise:160×160×160×160


Clock wise:180×180×180×180


Characteristics of the whole machine:

  • All electrical appliances of the whole machine are made of international famous brands, with stable and reliable quality.
  • Man-machine interface, computer order management, convenient operation and faster order change .
  • The equipment can be maintained remotely through the network, so as to judge and solve the equipment fault quickly, improve the maintenance efficiency and reduce the maintenance cost.
  • The whole machine is designed and manufactured according to high performance and high safety, and the whole machine conforms to European CE standard.
  • Servo pressure free leading edge paper feeding (invention patent), truly realize pressure free paper feeding, zero pressure on paperboard, improve the carton compression resistance, servo transmission is more durable than traditional mechanical transmission mechanism, can guarantee paper feeding accuracy for a long time.
  • The baffle and important parts of the whole machine are all treated by aging and tempering to eliminate the internal stress of metal;All of them are manufactured by high precision machining center and ground by CNC grinder.
  • The whole machine axles and rollers are made of high quality steel, tempered, quenching and tempering treatment; Grinding, high precision computer dynamic balance correction, rigid chrome plated on the surface.
  • The whole machine adopts the servo control drive system of international famous brand, reduces the working intensity, maximizes the equipment capacity, and ensures the long-term use of high chromatic precision.
  • The transmission part (shaft tooth connection) of the whole machine adopts keyless connection (expansion sleeve) to eliminate connection joint clearance, suitable for long-term high-speed operation with large torque.
  • Each unit is equipped with an oil balancing device to ensure the oil balance in the oil tank of each unit.
  • The main transmission parts of the whole machine are all reinforced self-aligning bearings, which have long service life, convenient maintenance and high accuracy keep the equipment running at high speed for a long time.
  • The main motor adopts frequency conversion motor, frequency conversion control, energy saving, stable start, with motor start protection device.
  • Unique production image processing device, in front of the machine can watch the work of the rear, so as to stop the paper feeding in case of emergency, reduce waste.
  • A new status indicator light, indicating the starting status of the machine (in the form of computer progress bar), indicating the working status of the machine, indicating the fault information of the machine.

I.Feeding Department(Servo pressure free leading edge feeding)

Machine clutch

〖i〗Electric control clutch with alarm bell, continuous ringing during its proceeding to ensure the safety of operators.

〖ii〗The transmission shaft is attached with a friction clutch to avoid damaging the machine due to misoperation.

〖iii〗Pneumatic interlock device.

〖iv〗Main engine motor start protection device.







〖i〗Frequency conversion fan suction auxiliary paper feeding, according to the different bending conditions of cardboard, do air volume adjustment to ensure the smooth paper supply.

〖ii〗The rear end of the machine is equipped with interlocking control switch to control the urgent stop feeding.

〖iii〗Servo controller is used to control paper feeding and stop paper feeding, which is fast and labor-saving..

〖iv〗It adopts the patented pressure free servo leading edge roller paper feeding system (four rows of paper feeding wheels, each row of paper feeding wheels is equipped with a servo motor to drive separately, and at the same time, it starts and stops at different times to realize extended paper feeding). There is no flattening phenomenon on the corrugated board, which greatly improves the compression of the carton.

〖v〗The positions of left and right side baffles and back stop boxes are electrically adjusted; the gap between front baffles is manually adjusted.

〖vi〗Septum feeder (continuous or septum feeding can be selected as required).

〖vii〗Feeding counter, sets and displays the production quantity.

Dust removal device〖i〗The brush of the paper feeding part and the upper air suction and dust removal device can largely remove the impurities on the printing surface of the paperboard and improve the printing quality, to educe the number of times to stop and wipe the plate.
Paper feeding roller

〖i〗The outer diameter is ¢ 136mm

〖ii〗Solid steel, wrapped with wear-resistant rubber, and balanced.

〖iii〗The lower paper feed roller is embossed and hard chrome plated.

〖iv〗Feed roller clearance dial display, quick adjustment without wrench, adjustment range 2 ~ 11 mm.




〖i〗Paper feeding section, printing section, slotting section, die-cutting section electric automatic zero.

〖ii〗General cartons use automatic zeroing device, try printing twice can be adjusted to the correct position, reduce cardboard waste.

II.Printing Department

Printing roller(Plate roller)

〖i〗Outer diameter ¢ 405.6mm (including plate outer diameter ¢ 420mm)

〖ii〗High quality steel, surface grinding, hard chrome plating.

〖iii〗Making balance correction, and run smoothly.

〖iv〗Ratchet fixed reel shaft.

〖v〗The full version hanging groove is applicable to 10 mm × 3 mm hanging strip.

〖vi〗Loading and unloading printing plate, foot switch electric control forward and reverse.

Printing press roller

〖i〗〖i〗The outer diameter is ¢ 176mm.

〖ii〗High quality steel, surface grinding, hard chrome plating.

〖iii〗Making balance correction, and run smoothly.

〖iv〗Printing pressure clearance dial display, quick wrench free adjustment, adjustment range 2-11mm.

Feeding upper and lower rollers

〖i〗Upper roller: the outer diameter is ¢ 136 ㎜ thick wall high-quality seamless steel pipe, the surface is ground, and the paper ring is distributed.

〖ii〗Lower roll: the outer diameter is ¢ 149mm thick wall high-quality seamless steel pipe, the surface is ground and hard chrome plated.

〖iii〗The paper feeding roller gap dial is displayed, and the adjustment range is 2-11mm without spanner.

Steel anilox roller

〖i〗The outer diameter is ¢ 212 ㎜.

〖ii〗The surface of thick wall high quality seamless steel pipe is grinded, with reticulated pattern pressed and hard chromium plated.

〖iii〗Making balance correction, and run smoothly.

〖iv〗Number of mesh are 200,220,250,280 according to your options

〖v〗With paper feeding system pneumatic automatic lifting device ( during paper feeding, the anilox roller descends to contact with the plate, and when paper feeding stops, the anilox roller rises to separate from the plate).

〖vi〗Anilox roller with wedge - block type overrunning clutch, easy to wash ink.

〖ii〗The clearance dial between anilox roll and printing plate roll is displayed, and the adjustment range is 4-8 mm without spanner.

Ceramic anilox roll

〖i〗The outer diameter is ¢ 212 ㎜.

〖ii〗The surface of thick wall high quality seamless steel pipe is coated with ceramic grinding and laser engraving.

〖iii〗Mesh number is 280 ~ 600 mesh optional.

〖iv〗It is more delicate, wearable and durable than steel anilox roll.

Scraper inking system


〖i〗The innovative cavity fluid dynamics and ink sealing design of the closed scraper system can achieve better ink transfer effect and save ink.

〖ii〗Air pressure or cylinder adjustment lock, scraper wear automatic compensation, so that the anilox roll and scraper blade fit better, in order to obtain the best scraping effect.
〖iii〗Internal chamber Teflon antiseptic, antistick coating, making ink transfer and cleaning easier.
〖iv〗All round installation design, can replace any old rubber roller or single scraper system.
〖v〗The true "totally enclosed" is especially suitable for volatile solvent unit, saving solvent and improving working environment.

〖vi〗Accurate scraping angle and mechanical accuracy. After changing the scraper, the position of the scraper can be kept constant to ensure the best scraping effect.

〖vii〗Adjustable and compensated sealing system, no need to shut down, ensure that the ink transfer system is completely sealed.

〖viii〗The adjustable sealing block can be directly attached to the anilox roller carving surface, without the need for smooth anilox roller at both ends.

〖ix〗The closed chamber is easy to load and unload without any auxiliary tools.

Rubber roller

〖1〗The outer diameter is ¢ 195mm.

〖2〗Thick - walled seamless steel tube is coated with wear-resistant rubber and balanced.

〖3〗Special grinding of rubber roller, good ink transfer effect.

〖4〗Rubber roller and anilox roller clearance dial display, quick adjustment without wrench, adjustment range 2 ~ 11 mm.

Phase adjusting


〖1〗Planetary gear construction.

〖2〗The printing phase adopts PLC, touch screen control and electric digital 360 ° adjustment. (operation and stop can be adjusted)

〖3〗Electric digital adjustment lateral position, adjust the distance a total of 20 mm.

〖4〗Automatic reset system after plate cleaning during printing (eraser memory reset).

Ink circulation

〖1〗Pneumatic diaphragm pump, stable ink supply, simple operation and maintenance.

〖2〗Ink screen, filter impurities.

〖3〗Stainless steel ink groove.

Printing phase fixing device

〖1〗Cylinder brake mechanism

〖2〗When the machine is separated or the phase is adjusted, the brake mechanism restricts the rotation of the machine and keeps the original fixed point of the gear position.

III.Slotting Department (computer cutter)

Pressing device

〖1〗The precompression shaft is made of thick wall high-quality seamless steel pipe with surface grinding, hard chrome plating, stable movement, and equipped with upper flat and lower semicircle precompression wheels.

〖2〗Pressure spool adopts thick wall quality seamless steel pipe, surface grinding, hard chrome plating, smooth movement, with a diameter of 405mm big pressure line wheel with high elastic rubber strip pressure line effect is good.

〖3〗Make balance correction, and run smoothly.

〖4〗The clearance dial of the pressing wheel is displayed, and the adjustment range is 2-11mm without spanner.

Slotting tool





〖1〗〖1〗Diameter for ¢165 mm, surface grinding, hard chrome plating, smooth movement.

〖2〗The width of slotting knife is 7mm.

〖3〗Alloy steel material after heat treatment grinding tooth slotting knife, good hardness and toughness.

〖4〗Alloy steel material after heat treatment grinding double - chip trimming knife, sharp edge, high precision.

〖5〗Prepressing wheel, line pressing wheel, paper guide wheel, slotting knife seat, trimming knife horizontal position, linear guide rail positioning, precision ball screw drive, PLC touch screen control adjustment, can store 999 common orders.

3Slo.Slotting phase adjusting mechanism

〖1〗〖1〗Planetary gear construction

〖2〗〖2〗The slotting phase is controlled by PLC, touch screen and electric digital 360°. (operation and stop can be adjusted),999 common orders can be saved.

Operation control switch〖1〗The control panel is equipped with a 10.4-inch touch screen, which can control the paper feeding part, the printing part and the slotting part, making the operation convenient.

IV.Die cutting Department

Die roller (lower roller)

〖1〗〖1〗Outer diameter is 371.2 mm (excluding cutter die).

〖2〗The surface of cast steel is ground and plated with hard chrome.

〖3〗〖3〗Balance correction, increase operation stability

〖4〗〖4〗Cutting die 50 x 50㎜ fixed screw hole spacing.

〖5〗Applicable to die height of 25.4mm.

〖6〗〖6〗Thickness of wood template: 16 mm (three layers board with) 13mm (five layers board with).

Rubber pad roller (upper roller)

〖1〗Outer diameter ¢ 388.9mm

〖2〗The surface of cast steel is ground and plated with hard chrome.

〖3〗Balance correction, increase operation stability

〖4〗With the knife die roller gap dial display, quick adjustment without spanner, adjust the range from 2 to 11 mm.

〖5〗〖5〗The thickness of the rubber pad is 8mm (outer diameter is 404.9mm), and the width is 250mm, 10 pieces in total.

〖6M〖6〗Mechanical horizontal 60mm traveling device, die-cutting equalizer compensates automatically the linear speed, which can make the die-cutting rubber pad wear evenly and prolong the service life.

Phase adjustment mechanism

〖1〗Planetary gear construction

〖2〗The die-cutting phase is controlled by PLC, touch screen and electric digital 360°. (operation and stop can be adjusted)

〖3〗Electric digital adjustment lateral position, adjust the distance a total of 20 mm.

V.Stacking Department: (hydraulic waste cleaning and stacking machine)

1,Paper receiving arm

〖1〗Manual or automatic operation can be selected.

〖2〗Paper receiving arm drive belt, adjust the tightness independently, regardless of the length of the belt.

2,Bed hydraulic lifting system

〖1〗Driven by strong chain.

〖2〗 Stacking height: 1600 mm.

〖3〗The bed is raised and lowered by a hydraulic lifting system, which keeps the bed in a fixed position and does not slide.

〖4〗A safety protection device is installed to make the bed and table rise and fall under the control, ensuring the safety of operators.

〖5〗Flat wrinkle climbing belt to prevent the cardboard from sliding.

3,Paper receiving baffle

〖1〗Pneumatic action paper receiving baffle, when the paperboard is stacked to a predetermined height, the paper receiving support plate automatically extends to hold the paperboard.

〖2〗 Manually adjust the position of the back baffle.

Transmission gear

Main drive gear

〖1〗Material: 20CrMnTi alloy steel, carburizing and quenching treatment, grinding and processing.

〖2〗Grade 6 precision (the same level as the automobile gearbox gear) runs smoothly, with low noise, hardness of HRC58-62, long service life, no wear within 10 years, and can achieve long-term printing registration.


connection ring

〖1〗The whole machine adopts key-free connecting ring for shaft tooth connection, which can make the shaft and gear complete seamless connection, and there is no gap when using with large torque. The installation and maintenance are more convenient, which can make the long-term transmission accuracy high, so as to ensure the printing registration.

Computer control department


·More than 90% of the electrical appliances of the whole machine adopt international famous brands: FP Σ PC link network, paper feeding unit and slotting unit all adopt 10.4-inch color touch screen (Human-Computer Interface).

·Machine size computer adjustment: directly input the order size (or call the original saved order size to the computer), and perform the adjustment, the machine will automatically adjust the size of each part. 999 common orders can be saved.

·Machine zeroing, preset position and automatic plate alignment functions: printing, slotting phase zeroing and preset to ensure that all printing on the first board is inked, and the second board is basically adjusted in place, which can compensate for errors during operation.

·Frequency conversion adjustment function: the main motor runs stably and saves power. The adjustment time of printing, slotting and die cutting is shortened and the precision is high.

·CNC horizontal continuous adjustment of slotting cutter: the slotting cutter is automatically combined with the paper feeding baffle to adjust with or without trimming, and automatically adjust the paper feeding baffle to the appropriate position.

·Machine calibration parameter design: can calibrate the reference parameters, convenient for maintenance and debugging.

·Others: digital control production; real-time monitoring of slot cutter transverse and phase anti-collision knife protection; knife slot design, in the process of zeroing and automatic adjustment, the knife slot can protect the upper and lower knives to enter the slot smoothly after adjustment to protect the knives; ink shortage alarm; multi-point operation control; speed 60, 80, 100, 120 cruise.

Motor list

NamePlace of OriginSpecificationsQuantity
I. Paper Feeding Department
1 Main MotorQufu,ShandongVariable frequency motor 37KW1
2 Machine opening and closingTaizhou,Zhejiang1.5KW 1/120 Gear motor1

3 Left and right side

baffle adjustment

Taizhou,Zhejiang0.18KW 1/10 Gear motor2
4 Rear gear box adjustmentTaizhou,Zhejiang0.18KW 1/25 Gear motor1
5 Adsorption fanBaoding Fan7.5KW2
6 Servo motorYaskawa,Japan4.4KW4
7 Dust removal fanYingfa,Shanghai2.2KW2
II. Printing Department
1Phase adjustmentTaizhou,Zhejiang0.37KVariable frequency 1/15 Gear motor1/color
2 Rubber roller idlingShengbang,Taiwan0.75KW 1/40 Gear motor1/color
3 Roller shiftSihai,Jiaojiang0.15KW 1/80 Gear motor1/color
III. Slotting Department
1 Phase adjustmentTaizhou,Zhejiang0.37KWVariable frequency1/40 Gear motor1
2Slotting adjustmentShengbang,Taiwan0.4KW 1/40 Gear motor5
3Box height adjustmentTaizhou,Zhejiang0.37KW 1/30 Gear motor1
IV. Die cutting Department
1 Phase adjustmentZhejiang Taizhou0.37KWVariable frequency1/40 Gear motor1
2 Cushion repairZhiyuan,Hebei0.37KW 1/43 Cycloid motor1
V. Other Instructions
1BearingHarbinOther partsAll
2BearingNSK,JapanMain partsAll
3ContactorSiemens, GermanyAll
4Leading edge encoderPeugeot, GermanyAll
5 PLCPanasonic,JapanAll
6 EncoderKoyo,JapanAll
7 Touch screenMCGSAll
8Photoelectric switchOmron, JapanAll
9Proximity switchOmron, JapanAll
10RelayOmron, JapanAll
11Solenoid valveJinqi,TaiwanAll

12Frequency converter

13Keyless connecting ringXianyang,ShanxiAll
14Pneumatic diaphragm pumpJinchangjiang ,WuhanAll
16Pneumatic componentsHengyi,TianjinAll
17Ceramic anilox rollerYuexin,guangdongAll
18Scraping knife systemRuijian,guangdongAll
19Metal anilox rollerWujin, JiangsuAll
20Rubber rollerJizhou,HebeiAll
21Slotting knifeQingdao QifengAll
22Die cutting padsItalypolicartAll

Note: the air compressor is provided by the customer.

Cheap High Speed Automatic  Carton Box Making Machine Printing Slotting Die-Cutter 220 Pcs/Min for sale
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